November 30, 2011

DIY Yarn Puffballs

Can't find anything to wear today? Dog run away? Heartburn acting up again?
Well, this won't help, but a well done yarn puffball will make you smile. It's a fun and easy project for one and all. Here's a picture tutorial so you can make your own!

Tomorrow's post: DIY felt poinsettia for your hair...Christmas!

November 29, 2011

DIY Shaggy Scarf

I often see gals walking around wearing scarves with lovely texture and think, "I could make that," I did. You can too! 

First, go to the bargain bin (or I guess the regular price section if you MUST) at your local fabric store and pick out a piece of jersey fabric that is at least 24" (61 cm) wide and at least two arm lengths long. This fabric has the stretch and non-fraying characteristics you need for this project.

Here's what else you'll need:

• scissors
• Exacto knife
• Safe surface to cut on
• a sink
• a door

Cut your piece of fabric to about two arm lengths long and about 24" (61 cm) wide. We'll stretch it longer later and scarf lengths are a personal preference. You can trim more later.

I like my scarfs to taper at the ends, do this if you like.

Using your Exacto cut rows of evenly spaced and sized slits throughout the entire piece of fabric. Leave the sides intact though.

Once the entire piece is covered in slits, wet down the fabric then wring out as much as possible. Then, gently stretch the scarf. I used a door to keep the scarf pulled tight while it dried. Dry it completely while stretched out then try on and trim to your preferred length.

Enjoy your shaggy scarf!

Tomorrow's post: Poofballs!

November 28, 2011

DIY Mock Moccasins...In Felt!

Jealous? Don't be! These mock moccasins are not difficult to whip up yourself. I found this old men's magazine article on making your own leather moccasins on a site called Ffffound! and then tweaked it by using felt and yarn. Here's how you can too!

What you'll need:
• ruler
• pencil
• paper
• scissors
• felt (the nicer/thicker the felt the better)
• yarn
• large needle
• two pins

First, take a look the old article. It has the instructions and measurements for making your pattern. Remember, this a men's article, so if you're a gal you'll have to figure out what US men's size you wear here.

1) Once you get through the hard part, making the pattern, trace it on to the felt and cut out. Then, flip it over and trace on more felt to create a mirror image of the pattern.

2) String your needle and start stitching from the tip of the toe to the side.

3) Pull needle and yarn through to the middle and leaving 4", snip.

4) Do the same on the other side.

5) I had to trim down my pattern. For some reason the width was right, but the length was out of control. I had to extend both of the back slits up to 1/2" away from my heel.

6) Take both the side flaps and wrap them around your heel to see how much to trim.

7) Trim off the excess, as they simply need to meet in the middle of the back of your heel.

8) With the two side flaps still wrapped around the back of your heel, wrap the middle flap up and trim the excess off as well. Pin in place.

9) Use the yarn to stitch the flaps in place.

10) Follow picture.

11) Still using the same piece of yarn start stitching up the side of your shoe.

12) Stitch this piece of yarn all the way up to where the two pieces of the shoe meet and again make a big stitch towards the middle of the small top piece, pull through the same point as step 3.

13) Trim to the same length as the string already pulled through from step 3. Now tie the two bit of string from both side in a bow. You can use them to tighten and loosen your shoe.

14) To finish mine off I stitched around sides, being careful to stitch AROUND and not through the yarn that runs from the back of the shoe to the front. If you do this you may not be able to adjust them anymore.

Mine were made of the only felt I had, and I'll probably just rock them as slippers around the house. If you used really nice, thick felt you could slap a leather sole on them and wear them outside.

Tomorrow's post: DIY Shaggy Scarf

November 27, 2011

Extra Wishery Inspiration

If you were any sort of Disney kid growing up you'll appreciate this and many other Pogo works (an Australian DJ).

You can listen to more of Pogo's remixes on
YouTube and on

Tomorrow's post: DIY Mock Moccasins

Catching Some Colour

We're all guilty of posting pictures we aren't completely thrilled with on Facebook, but it always amazes me when my friend Kirsta posts pictures of her adventures. She's a fantastic photographer and always finds the most interesting things to occupy her viewfinder. Because of this, I used her as a subject in a watercolour for an example piece at my etsy site. Thanks, Kirsta!

Tomorrow's post: DIY Mock Moccasins

November 26, 2011

DIY Masking Tape Manicure

I like a great creative manicure, but I'm often too cheap frugal to pay for something I can easily do myself. Here's a tutorial on how to get creative with your own nails using a simple tool: masking tape.

What you'll need:

  • two colours of nail polish (really doesn't matter what colours, go nuts)
  • clear coat
  • masking tape

Step #1 Coat of first color and let it dry COMPLETELY (maybe an hour)

Step #2 Place tape on nail in any design you like (you could use this to do a funky french manicure). Remember, whatever is exposed will be the next colour
Step #3 Paint exposed area with next colour
Step #4 CAREFULLY and SLOWLY pull the tape off. If your bottom coat isn't dry enough it will pull away from the nail. Patience!
Step #5 After the second colour has dried, clear coat each nail.
Good luck!

Tomorrow's post: Catching Some Colour and Extra Musical Inspiration

November 25, 2011

Rain, Rain...

Today was warm and sticky before raining all afternoon. Season changes are tricky here and layers are usually required. I wanted to take my new red lipstick for a spin with a sophisticated look, while still staying cool. I tried at least.

Jacket – Thrifted

White tank – Old Navy
White shorts – Roxy
Sandals – MIA
Neckalce – Etsy c/o my Mom
Lipstick – Avon moisture lipstick in 'Poppy Love' (an amazingly frugal purchase on ebay for $3.85)

Tomorrow's post: Masking Tape Manicure Tutorial

November 24, 2011

Happy turkey day...keep calm!

Happy Thanksgiving all my American friends and family! Now I know that family holidays can sometimes get out of hand. The dog eats the stuffing, your Great Aunt is drunk again, or maybe THAT family member has pressed THAT button one too many times today and you're ready to hurl the turkey at them. 

Resist, relax, and listen to one of my favorite artists and one of my best friends Akila Fields' (aka Sleepyvillain) new song 'Keep Calm'. It's available to download for free, along with his album Arithmetic, on his bandcamp site, but in the spirit of the holidays toss him a few bucks! Come on!

Tomorrow's post: Rainy Day Outing

Wish List – Wedges, Sparkles, and Home

Happy Thanksgiving all my American fam and friends! Tis the season for lists of the wish persuasion, so here is the first in a series of monthly wish lists in which I'll point out some fun places on the web that you might find inspiring. Our bank account may not be inspiring, but that doesn't keep my web browser away from these lovely shops.

  1. Oh boy, I'm on a funky wedge kick. These Madison Harding leopard numbers are available on Piperlime. So fun.
  2. Sparkles! This skirt by Line & Dot on Piperlime looks simple, something I might be able to whip together, but upon closer inspection there are beautiful sequins sewn everywhere on this thing!
  3. Found this necklace on Etsy from SadieDesignsCA. I don't believe in the power of crystals to heal, but man, they have the power to catch my eye.
  4. It's summer here and a custom made, handy tote on Etsy from Ribandhull in my favorite color sounds great to me.
  5. If you spoke to my hubby he'd tell you that I love lemons, I'll eat them raw, and I ruin anything he cooks by squeezing too much lemon onto. So this print on Etsy by AlbieDesigns makes sense.
  6. I don't always miss where I grew up (Minnesota), but I sure miss the people I love there. Check out HunterAndSmile on Etsy for all their state prints.
  7. Can't keep me away from red. This BB Dakota dress on Ruche is a color they aptly call 'Geranium'.
  8. The perfect way to add just a little sparkle to a daytime outfit. Tinley Road makes this vest sold on Piperlime.
  9. Want this cardboard elephant! I've tried my hand at making these. It was a success, and I'll post the results another day, but it's tough. My hand was a claw for twos days after all the cutting. Cardboard Safari uses a laser. A LASER! Smart.
  10. More from HunterAndSmile on Etsy. Though I grew up in Minnesota, I love Portland, OR. I can't even watch the opening of Portlandia without tearing up. Good thing the show gets so hilarious after that!
Tomorrow's post: Rainy Day Outing

November 23, 2011

Bridget Hair Tutorial – FOLLOW UP

While my hair is all 'did' I thought I would give you a couple spin-off ideas from the Bridget Bardot inspired hair tutorial. Simply follow that tutorial and then...

Idea #1 Ponytail-It-Up!

After pulling your hair half back, twisting, and pinning in place simply put the rest of your hair in a tight ponytail directly below the twist. My sister always asks how I get this now she knows! You can jazz it up (or not) with a scarf or other hair accessory like I did.

Idea #2 Pigtails
After pulling your hair half back, twisting, and pinning in place simply put the rest of your hair in tight pigtails directly below the twist on either side.

Idea #3 Chignon (basically, a bun)
After pulling your hair half back, twisting, and pinning in place simply put the rest of your hair in a tight ponytail directly below the twist. Then twist your ponytail around its own base and pin in place. Add extra details if you feel so inclined. I did! These are fabric flowers that I made myself.

Tomorrow's post: Thanksgiving – Keep Calm and December Wish List

November 22, 2011

Homemade Pretzels

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! It’s pretzel day! My husband is a whiz in the
kitchen and has taught me a lot. Along with mastering the bacon weave he has also mastered soft pretzels at home. Here are the pictures of our lunch, including some pics of our brussels sprouts and bacon, the recipe we used, and a few tips from Mr. Projectville for making your own.
Tips for making this recipe:
  • Because water quality is important when making any dough at home, if you don't have yummy tasting water you can substitute it in this recipe for milk. (just the water in the dough, not the boiling water)
  • If you don't want to put baking soda in the pre-bake boiling water you could just boil them in regular water and give the pretzels an egg wash before baking. We used the baking soda method for these.
  • If you make more than you plan on eating right away, or want them to cool first before eating, don't cover them up! They put off a lot of heat for a while and if you store them before completely cooled you will have soggy pretzels. Blek!

We spent our honeymoon traveling around Europe and one of our favorite stops was Munich. So you can see why we might have a soft-spot for soft pretzels.

Tomorrow's post: Bridget Bardot Hair Tutorial – FOLLOW UP!

November 21, 2011

Bridget Hair Tutorial

Of course I'm speaking of Miss Bardot. This hair style is a fun mix of retro sexy, messy, and structured all at the same time. Not only that, it's great for days you roll out of bed and want to look great without a ton of work. It's supposed to be tousled and fun.

What you'll need:

  • hair
  • comb
  • hair pins
  • hair spray
  • clip (optional)
  • curling iron (optional)

  1. Part your hair slightly more towards the middle than you're used to (I look funny all the way in the middle).
  2. Draw a 2" band of hair forward (this will be the hair that gets swept back over your do. Pull it forward and over so you can see. Always good to see.
  3. Grab a 1" band of hair right behind the first batch you pulled forward, spray some hairspray at the base of the band of hair and a bit further up, and gently back-comb about half way up. Don't be too nervous about hurting your hair in this process. Just don't do it everyday and NEVER brush out a back-comb. Wash it out.
  4. Grab another 1" band of hair right behind the first batch you back-combed, spray some hairspray at the base of the band of hair and a bit further up, and back-comb this piece more than the first. This will be the voluminous bit that gets completely hidden by other hair.
  5. Lay the back-combed sections down and slightly shape them. You can gently use a comb on the top back-combed layer to tame any crazy pieces.
  6. Flip the front section of smooth hair back over the back-combed sections.
  7. To match the volume at the top of your do with the bottom simply curl a few sections (twirling towards the back of your head) of hair and then run your fingers or a brush through the bottom. Don't brush out what you just did on top!
  8. Do the same on a layer slightly higher.
  9. With the pieces of hair closest to your face, curl them inwards to frame.
  10. Now, slightly higher than half-way up your head, pull your hair back as if your going to put it in a half-ponytail.
  11. Instead of using a hair binder simply twist, twist, twist your hair where you would usually grab it to put a binder on. Secure with hairpins in an angled-upward motion. Pushing them in where the twist meets your scalp. (this is the hardest part and takes some practice)
  12. Pull forward some wispy pieces all around your face. Don't make it perfect! The point of this do is that it's not perfect.

Makeup worn: Bobbi Brown everything except for the MAC lips (Matte Honeylove) and lashes (half falsies). Don't judge. You can't have a mod shoot without false lashes! All care of my lovely sister-in-law.

Tomorrow's post: Homemade Pretzels 

November 20, 2011

Maggie's World

My sisters are the bomb. Do people still say 'the bomb'? Either way, they rock. This is a portrait of my littlest sister that I'm giving to her for xmas (surprise!). As always, custom portraits like this are available at my Etsy shop. In an effort to get you to skip the trip to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, here is a coupon code for 10% off everything in my shop (PROJECTVILLE10), good up until xmas.

Tomorrow's post: Bridget Bardot Hair Tutorial

Spring Into the 70s

It's Spring here in Sydney, which is considerably warmer than Spring in Portland, OR. In an effort to layer for unpredictable temperatures I ended up with a slightly 70s looking get-up. So I went all the way with it, including a faux-Farrah...which I now see is not far off from my usual style. This was news to me people!

Pink tank – Old Navy

Yellow Blouse – Old Navy
Jean Trousers – David Kahn
Belt – Calvin Klein
Shoes – Kenneth Cole
Bag – United Colors of Benetton
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Watch necklace – Etsy

I love these shoes SO much. There's nothing like a wedge for comfort and these are not only super comfortable, but also adorable.

Tomorrow's post: Maggie's World

DIY Cardboard Deer Taxidermy

Remember when I wrote about the DIY cardboard deer trophy I made? You better remember, it was yesterday. If not, scroll down and review! There will be a pop-quiz at the end of class. Anyway! I made my own by taking a look at a simple and clear tutorial over on Spins & Needles and by looking at the amazing work on Cardboard Safari, then kind of mish-mashing the two. Here's how it turned out:

This may have turned out to be a good looking impersonation of what Cardboard Safari does with their laser cutters, but my hands HURT after this project. The moral of the story is to cough up the $28 for the trophy from them or you'll be coughing up at least that for a hand brace. Your choice.

A few tips if you're going to attempt it:

  • Sharp, sharp, sharp tools!
  • Glue it together on the seems with a white glue that dries clear, but try to keep it hidden as the glue could leave a shine on the dull cardboard surface.
  • Hang these bad boys with push pins. They're usually so light that one or two do the trick and leave tiny holes for those who rent.

Tomorrow's post: 70s Style

November 19, 2011

Bacon Strips and bacon strips...

If you don’t know how to make a BLT…ah…I’ll give you a hint: There’s bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes involved. There’s always a problem with BLTs though. The pesky (delicious) bacon slips, slides, and hides as you eat creating uneven amounts of bacon in each bite. Unacceptable! My husband, inspired by the boys at EpicMealTime, fixed this problem.

THE BACON WEAVE! And people ask why I married him. Ahhhh…genius! Just bake in the oven on a non-stick surface and very carefully flip after side one crisps. Another tip he offers up is keeping your toast upright as it cools to avoid moisture condensing on one side. The crisp-factor is quite important.

And here it is…the PERFECT amount of bacon PERFECTLY weaved for ultimate bacon disbursement.

Your life is now complete. Your welcome. Thanks, hubby and EpicMealTime!

This post is dedicated to my brother-in-law for it is his birthday. Happy birthday big bro! This bacon is for you!

Tomorrow's post: DIY Deer Trophy

November 18, 2011

One Way, No Stopping

Welcome to our back alley! Picturesque, is it not?

Sweater – Nordstrom

Red top – Old Navy
Jean trousers – David Kahn
Sandals – Thrifted Daisy Fuentes that I recovered in cream fabric (before and after pictures another time)
Wallet – Louis Vuitton (my one and only fanciness)

If I look slightly melancholy it's because I had lovely fabric shoe-clips that kind of looked like wild poppies on today, but they were lost somewhere between the train station and our apartment. Blast the fates!

Tomorrow's post: Bacon strips!