November 21, 2011

Bridget Hair Tutorial

Of course I'm speaking of Miss Bardot. This hair style is a fun mix of retro sexy, messy, and structured all at the same time. Not only that, it's great for days you roll out of bed and want to look great without a ton of work. It's supposed to be tousled and fun.

What you'll need:

  • hair
  • comb
  • hair pins
  • hair spray
  • clip (optional)
  • curling iron (optional)

  1. Part your hair slightly more towards the middle than you're used to (I look funny all the way in the middle).
  2. Draw a 2" band of hair forward (this will be the hair that gets swept back over your do. Pull it forward and over so you can see. Always good to see.
  3. Grab a 1" band of hair right behind the first batch you pulled forward, spray some hairspray at the base of the band of hair and a bit further up, and gently back-comb about half way up. Don't be too nervous about hurting your hair in this process. Just don't do it everyday and NEVER brush out a back-comb. Wash it out.
  4. Grab another 1" band of hair right behind the first batch you back-combed, spray some hairspray at the base of the band of hair and a bit further up, and back-comb this piece more than the first. This will be the voluminous bit that gets completely hidden by other hair.
  5. Lay the back-combed sections down and slightly shape them. You can gently use a comb on the top back-combed layer to tame any crazy pieces.
  6. Flip the front section of smooth hair back over the back-combed sections.
  7. To match the volume at the top of your do with the bottom simply curl a few sections (twirling towards the back of your head) of hair and then run your fingers or a brush through the bottom. Don't brush out what you just did on top!
  8. Do the same on a layer slightly higher.
  9. With the pieces of hair closest to your face, curl them inwards to frame.
  10. Now, slightly higher than half-way up your head, pull your hair back as if your going to put it in a half-ponytail.
  11. Instead of using a hair binder simply twist, twist, twist your hair where you would usually grab it to put a binder on. Secure with hairpins in an angled-upward motion. Pushing them in where the twist meets your scalp. (this is the hardest part and takes some practice)
  12. Pull forward some wispy pieces all around your face. Don't make it perfect! The point of this do is that it's not perfect.

Makeup worn: Bobbi Brown everything except for the MAC lips (Matte Honeylove) and lashes (half falsies). Don't judge. You can't have a mod shoot without false lashes! All care of my lovely sister-in-law.

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  1. so fun! Gotta try this sometime!

  2. Cool blog! Love the hair, I would never be able to attempt anything like that, but you know what, now I'm tempted to grow my hair out so I can give it a go.

  3. lovely tut! thanks for the hair inspiration!