November 29, 2011

DIY Shaggy Scarf

I often see gals walking around wearing scarves with lovely texture and think, "I could make that," I did. You can too! 

First, go to the bargain bin (or I guess the regular price section if you MUST) at your local fabric store and pick out a piece of jersey fabric that is at least 24" (61 cm) wide and at least two arm lengths long. This fabric has the stretch and non-fraying characteristics you need for this project.

Here's what else you'll need:

• scissors
• Exacto knife
• Safe surface to cut on
• a sink
• a door

Cut your piece of fabric to about two arm lengths long and about 24" (61 cm) wide. We'll stretch it longer later and scarf lengths are a personal preference. You can trim more later.

I like my scarfs to taper at the ends, do this if you like.

Using your Exacto cut rows of evenly spaced and sized slits throughout the entire piece of fabric. Leave the sides intact though.

Once the entire piece is covered in slits, wet down the fabric then wring out as much as possible. Then, gently stretch the scarf. I used a door to keep the scarf pulled tight while it dried. Dry it completely while stretched out then try on and trim to your preferred length.

Enjoy your shaggy scarf!

Tomorrow's post: Poofballs!


  1. Brilliant!! Love it!

  2. I like the color you use - for this scarf as well as for moccasins. And you definitely have patience for cutting all those slits. I am curious to see this scarf worn with outfit. Maybe you can post a photo some time? :-)


  3. Those pictures are on there way. Stay tuned! :)

  4. Linda and I are making the scarves, today! Thanks! They will make great Christmas presents!
    Love, Mom

  5. Where do you do the main cut at, not the exacto knife cuts?