November 22, 2011

Homemade Pretzels

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! It’s pretzel day! My husband is a whiz in the
kitchen and has taught me a lot. Along with mastering the bacon weave he has also mastered soft pretzels at home. Here are the pictures of our lunch, including some pics of our brussels sprouts and bacon, the recipe we used, and a few tips from Mr. Projectville for making your own.
Tips for making this recipe:
  • Because water quality is important when making any dough at home, if you don't have yummy tasting water you can substitute it in this recipe for milk. (just the water in the dough, not the boiling water)
  • If you don't want to put baking soda in the pre-bake boiling water you could just boil them in regular water and give the pretzels an egg wash before baking. We used the baking soda method for these.
  • If you make more than you plan on eating right away, or want them to cool first before eating, don't cover them up! They put off a lot of heat for a while and if you store them before completely cooled you will have soggy pretzels. Blek!

We spent our honeymoon traveling around Europe and one of our favorite stops was Munich. So you can see why we might have a soft-spot for soft pretzels.

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  1. That looks really nice, and so simple to make! Maybe I should try this first before attempting to make macaroons :)

  2. You may be right. Maybe you have the touch for breads and not pastries. You never know! :)