December 20, 2011

Aloha, Folks!

Hello from the big island! My hubby and I spent a few family-free days in Maui before meeting up with my lovely in-laws on the big island. It was so good to see them as it's been almost a year. Since arriving we've been over-fed, taken shopping, and loved-up all in a beautiful condo near the ocean. Life is good here and here's the proof. First, a few pics from Maui.

Where we stayed. Hubby's family favorite, but my first time.

The beach.

I received so many compliments from folks on this island about this skirt. Just one of those random $10 pick ups from the shops of Sydney paired with a Cotton On tank. They were in to it apparently.

Because my good Ray Bans were left in the grocery store last week I had to grab some cheap 2 for $15 glasses before the trip. Sitting in the sun these exploded on my face. Apparently the lens plastic expanded faster than the frame. Oh boy.

Wearing the dress I made on the beach, as promised to internetland.

Hubby makes an appearance in disguise, of course.

At the top of Haleakala and short on air.

Amusing ourselves in the clouds.

And now a few from our adventures on the big island.

Feeding some crazy koi fish.

Settle down fellas.

My sister-in-law, mother-in-law, nephew, and myself crafted up this Hawaiin-inspired Christmas tree with tissue paper, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. That's right, I'm bringing back pipe cleaners. More on this project later...

Tomorrow's post: DIY Sequin Bows

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