December 20, 2011

DIY Lit Flower Christmas Lights

As mentioned, my in-laws and myself needed a tree to complete the holiday season. We decided to make this bad boy a Hawaiian themed tree and use tissue paper, construction paper, and pipe cleaners to jazz up the usual tree and lights. What I'll show you today is how to make lit flower Christmas lights.

What you'll need:
• tissue paper
• scissors
• tape
• string of lights

Step 1) Fold a few pieces of tissue paper together into a squarish shape.

Step 2) Cut out a three-petaled shape like this.

Step 3) Unfold.

Step 4) Poke your finger through the middle of one of the flowers making a small hole.

Step 5) Push your tissue paper flower over one of your lights. I recommend LED because they don't get hot and there is no chance of the tissue catching on fire. Not like that likely with any lights though nowadays.

Step 6) Scrunch the flower forward so you can attach the flower to the base of the light. Less takes a bit of hands-on practice.

Step 7) Wrap a small amount of tape around the paper and base.

Step 8) Arrange petals in a manner that pleases you. I didn't have to do much to these, but you could scrunch them more.

This is what they end up looking like. We did them in two colors.

So bright and fun!

Tomorrow's post: DIY Sequin Bows

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