December 21, 2011

DIY Sequin Bows

Everyone needs a bit of sparkle once in a while. These sequin bows aren't difficult to make and could be lovely on a sweater, in your hair, or on your shoes.

Here's what you need:
• sequins
• matching thread
• straight needle
• scissors
• felt (any color will do as it will be covered)
• hot glue and glue sticks

There are three sections to this tutorial: cutting out the felt shape, making sequin strings, and applying the sequin.


Step 1) Cut out your bow. Feel free to use this shape if you like.

Step 2) Also cut out a small square to represent the middle of the bow. It won't show, but you'll need it for height.


Step 1) Thread the your needle and tie a knot at the end of the doubled-up thread.

Step 2) Push the needle through a sequin and through the doubled thread, creating a secure loop around the sequin.

Step 3) Push the needle through another sequin and through the previous sequin on the thread again.

Step 4) Keep pushing the needle through new sequins and through the previous sequins on the thread. Keep adjusting the sequin thread so it's straight and tight. How long should it be? Approximately 10" (25cm), but you can hold it up to your felt to see exactly how much you'll need.

Step 5) Once you have a long thread of sequins, tie of the thread around the last sequin on the line. You'll most likely need two long lines and maybe a short third line for the center.


Step 1) Start glueing down your sequin in a top corner. Lay the line of sequin down one bit at a time, overlapping them slightly. Cover the entire shape.

Step 2) Glue the center of the bow down on top of your first layer.

Step 3) Cover the center with sequins.

Great job! Enjoy your newfound sparkltude.

Tomorrow's post: What I did with my new sequin bows...shoe makeover.

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  1. I love this tutorial! Sequins + Felt = Fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so cute, making it for new years eve!

  3. Thanks, guys! You're right, Carmen. New Years Eve = time for sparkle!