December 22, 2011

DIY Shoe Makeover

As promised this is what I did with yesterday's sequin bow tutorial. Have you ever noticed that our grandmothers took much better care of their shoes than we do ours? Now that shoes are so abundant and affordable we take a good pair of shoes for granted. Of course, until you don't have the spending cash to go buy more anymore (like this little kitty cat).

That's why I decided to makeover a well-used old pair of flats. They've been quite handy and I've had them for years (I think I got them at Target), but they are a little worse for wear. This scuffed, never buffed, sole coming off, shredded insole pair of shoes is what I started with...
...and this is what I have now! WOW! What a difference some lovin' makes. First, I clipped off the old leather bows and washed the shoes off with a damp cloth. I then moisturized what could be leather with some good ol' Rose's Salve. Yes, it's meant for your lips, but it shined these puppies up, wasn't slimy, and made them smell wonderful!

I then eye-balled the shaped of the insole, sketched it on to some spare fabric, and folded it over before cutting it to get two mirrored pieces. To attach it I spread a very thin layer of all purpose glue on to the current ugly insole and smoothed the new fabric over it.

I then hot glued the DIY sequin bows I had just made onto my "new" shoes before also glueing back down the rubber sole.

I love them! I hope this encourages you to spruce up the old before buying new.

Tomorrow's post:  Christmas Eve Music

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