December 26, 2011

Not So Vanilla

While on the big island my family and I went to the vanilla farm on the wet side of the island. This special trip was made to gain the vanilla beans needed to make our very special Hawaiian Snowball Sugar Cookies. The recipe and some great tips for making them will be posted tomorrow.

Here's what I wore on our road trip during a rainy Hawaiian day:

Dress – Target c/o my sister-in-law and our diet coke fueled shopping spree
Belt – Target
Scarf – I made it with this tutorial
Sweater – Paper Scissors
Sandals – Born

Tomorrow's post: Hawaiian Snowball Sugar Cookies

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  1. Oooo the dress is super cute! Did the farm smell like vanilla? Can't wait to see the sugar cookies post.

  2. The farm DID smell like vanilla. Oh, man. It was great!