January 19, 2012

DIY Travel Bag to Clutch 2

As promised in my first travel bag makeover, here is another! This is how I made over another travel tote into a grape flavored, sparkling, bow clutch. Once again, I can't really go step by step with you on this one, but rather I'll inspire you with what I did and encourage you to view the potential in your everyday items.

Here's what it looked like before...

...and here's what it looks like now, along with the inspirational bags I found from Betsy Johnson (photos from Betseyjohnson.com).

Here's how I did it. First, I took off the Jet Star tag and painted the whole thing a darker grapey shade that would compliment the glitter color I brought.

I then made the bow, inspired by a tutorial posted by Julia at The World is My Oyster.

I took two pieces of fabric that matched the glitter color I picked out and had some texture that would hold the glitter.

I glued the two pieces together face together, leaving an unglued area that I used to flip it right side out again. Then, I glued the the last bit of the seam shut.

I then scrunched it in the middle,  wrapped another piece around the middle, and glued the sucker down.

Time for glitter! To keep it in place, and not look like a Tinker Bell wanna be, I mixed equal parts of glitter and a varnish type of medium. Think Mod Podge (but we don't have that in Australia). These amounts will let the texture show without leaving a trail of glitter behind me.

I used a brush to paint the mixture on in sections, and then sprinkling a little extra glitter on to the section before patting it in.

I wanted the darker purple bit of the clutch to have more pop, so I used the same glossy varnish medium to paint stripes onto the bag, adding texture and shine.

Finally, I covered the little zipper pull with the same fabric and glitter and then hot glued on my sparkly bow.

 I LOVE IT! Here's the back.

Everyone needs a bit a sparkle in their wardrobe, the trick is to sprinkle it in lightly. Let's see how I can style this in the future.

Have a great weekend kids!

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  1. Featured this on my blog!!! (hope you don't mind) LOVE THIS!