January 23, 2012

DIY Charlize Theron Inspired Headband

Geez-a-louisa, Charlize Theron always looks fantastic. Not only that, I hear she's pretty cool in real life as well. Apparently, when she saw two young women holding a garage sale she stopped, found out they were struggling actresses selling there things to make their rent, and then signed and gave them her cutlets (look it up, fellas) to sell. That could be completely made up, but I'll believe it for now.

Today I'm going to give you a tutorial on making a Charlize Theron shiny headband inspired by the 1920's Cartier diamond headband she wore to the Golden Globes (photo care of the National Confidential).

Here's a sneak preview of the hair tutorial I'll do tomorrow showing off the finished product.

Annnnnnnnnnddddd, GO!

Here's what you'll need:
• Sparkle baby! I'm using glitter glue, some silver buttons, and some bronze studs I had leftover from another project, but you could use anything sparkly you have around. Glue on gems? Why not?! The point is just to make it look full.
• glue (the hot variety)
• enough fabric or felt or ribbon to make a tie-on headband
• sewing supplies
• scissors

Let's do this!

Step 1) The headband. You could just cut out some felt or a length of ribbon, but I simply sewed a length of fabric into a tube, flipped it right side out, and sewed the ends shut to make this one.

Step 2) I hot glued on these studs I yanked off an old purse and my buttons.

Step 3) Oh, glitter paint. You are far more paint than glitter, but I'll still use you since I'm too cheap to go buy more glitter. Good times. This took many, many, many layers.

I made sure the tying area of the headband would be free of stuff so it could tie freely.

Done and done. Tomorrow I'll style my hair with it and show you how too!

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  1. You are too darn cute. I love your tutorials - they are always so "doable"! Thanks for sharing! (And I mean it - you're gorgeous! What kind of mascara are you wearing in this post? I've been struggling to find a good one lately - they're all so flakey...)

    1. Well, shucks! I'm so flattered! You just made my morning. It's nice to hear from someone that my ramblings are understandable when it comes to tutorials.

      Hmmmm...my mascara. That day I was wearing one of the two I keep in my bag. One is a splurge and the other quite reasonable, so I'll give you the options. It was either Bad Gal Mascara by Benefit (which I highly recommend as it is not flaky and completely stays put without being waterproof and comes off nicely when you want it to) or it was the waterproof version of Maybeline Falsies (much harder to get off, but doesn't flake and gets that long lash look). I always curl my lashes before using either, so that could be helping as well. Thanks for the compliment and the question! Stay tuned! :)

    2. Haha! I feel the same way on my blog - am I making any sense to anyone...? Anywhere...? Hello...? (*crickets*) Lol!

      Thanks for the lash tips! I will definitely check those out. :)

  2. Could you glitter-paint first then glue on the studs?

    1. I suppose you could, but I knew that it would take many layers of glitter paint and I liked the idea of the studs (or any sparkle) being somewhat embedded in the sparkle. I think it would work just fine either way though.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Already looking for Sparkly things! I like to sew a small piece of elastic to the ends of mine so I don't have to tie it. =)