January 29, 2012

DIY Make-Up Remover

After figuring out this highly complicated recipe for myself, and feeling pretty proud of me, I realized that many women (for centuries) have been using this trick. The recipe? Simply, olive oil. I use it to remove stubborn eye makeup before I wash my face. No residue, plus it has lovely vitamins for your visage.

Quick tip: Save those containers ladies! We all buy cosemtics and lotions that come in containers that cost more than the product within them, so use what you're paying for! Reuse those containers for homemade beauty recipes! I use a night cream jar that I ran dry for my olive oil storage in the bathroom.

I'll share more homemade beauty tips soon. Do you have any kitchen beauty remedies?

Tomorrow's post: DIY Orange Lanterns

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  1. I love olive oil. It works well to take off just about anything. Are you a fan of "Gilmore Girls"? There was a funny scene where a woman said her secret to looking young was slathering her face with olive oil. haha. Great idea about reusing the containers too!

  2. Olive oil is soooo good for getting make up off! I use it when I'm too skint to buy more make up remover. It's especially good for waterproof mascara which I HATE wearing because of how hard it is to get off!
    And love the idea of reusing containers! I'm always looking for what to put in all my saved containers. I have about a million empty coffee jars in my kitchen!


  3. I just used it for the first time and i was so impressed how easily it came off. So not buying makeup remover again...