February 23, 2012

Back in the Sack

Well, hello again! I'm back from my two week trip to the US and, between cuddling with the hubby I missed and unpacking, I'm finding time to say hello to my bloggy friends.

Highlights from the trip you ask? Well, don't mind if I do!

• Seeing my in-laws
• Living my sis-in-law's life for a few days
• VooDoo
• Wax museum day with my nephew
• Shellack manicure and my first massage (yes, ever!)
• Mexican food with my biggest fan
• Eating at all my favorite Portland places (and sending pictures to my hubby to gloat)
• Pizza and drinks with Akila (far left pic care of Akila)
• Speed shopping with Dancy
• Indian food with 'the girls'

• A lovely ride home from the airport
• Smushing the faces of my niece and nephew
• Seeing my Mom and Dad
• Going out with my sisters
• Laughing at Corey mocking drunk people
• MN family potluck
• Morris
• Hanging out with my Aunts
• Target
• Getting to spend a lot of quality time with Kayla (Are you hungry? I'm hungry.)
• Grandma
• Seeing how tall my niece is getting and laughing hysterically at her being funny
• TJMaxx shopping spreeeeee! (don't judge)

Las Vegas:
• Rallying
• Indoor skydiving
• A campy David Cooperfield show (who I now call Creeperfield after getting 'the eyes' and a floppy hand shake from him)
• Penn & Teller!
• Dressing up
• Day at the pool
• O (Flipping amazing! Literally, there were a lot of flips.)
• Yummy dinners
• Daisy and Wendy Sue
• Premium outlets!
• Eating until it hurt at Carnegie Deli
• Bouchon Bakery

All this in two weeks while battling jetlag and allergies and avoiding the stomach flu that attacked my parents relentlessly. I tell you what, I'm a darn warrior princess!

Thanks to everyone who made my trip home so very special! I hope to visit you again soon my star spangled land of free Diet Coke refills. I salute you!

Now back to eating the junk food my sis-in-law sent home with me and watching movies with the man I missed so much. It's obvious a semi-vegetative state in bed is the only way to make up for lost time.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a jam packed holiday!

    1. Yes, yes I did. That's probably why I can't seem to stay awake longer than 9pm. :)