February 20, 2012

Dalton and Jack

Recently, my good friend of 23 years, Jill, commissioned two watercolors of her children, Dalton and Jack. Though I still don't think these capture how completely wonderful her children are, I took a good crack at it. Thanks for the work, girl!

This is what her little boys look like. Aren't they sweet? I'm sure right after these pictures they were chasing frogs and trying to push fire into the walls like most little boys, but gosh they look angelic here, don't they!?

You can commission your own here.

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  1. i am going to get a picture of a little someone and have you bring out his true "colors". jill must have teared up when seeing her little boys in a new light.

  2. Awesome!! Shari let me see these, the other day, didn't see them before then! Great job, Rose! :)