February 22, 2012

DIY Sea Salt Spray

I have never used sea salt spray on my naturally lightly wavy hair in the past, so I'll have to go on Cara's word over at Maskcara on how amazing it is. She has a stunning beauty blog (her eye makeup tutorials are the bomb). Recently she posted a recipe for said sea salt spray, so I had to make it and try it out for myself. Good golly! I love it!

Here's Cara's recipe:
1 Cup WARM water
3 Tablespoons Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Gel or Spray Gel
1/2 Tablespoon Conditioner (or leave-in)
A couple of sprites of your favorite perfume

You'll also need an empty spray bottle, save and reuse one you already have!

Mix the warm water and salt first and shake well (until all the salt crystals are dissolved). Add the rest of the ingredients.

I (for some unknown chemical reason) had chunks in mine no matter how much a stirred it, so I ran it through a cheese cloth to strain it before putting it in my spray bottle.

I blow dried my hair like normal, but just used my hands on the ends to keep from straightening it. Then, sprayed it generously and scrunch, scrunch, scrunched it.

Tomorrow's post: Outfit


  1. I've got to give this one a try... fun project here we come!

  2. I've just finished making it and loved it! Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. I'm so glad it worked for you! :) Don't forget to check out more great tutorials on:


  3. The chunks are a reaction between the conditioner and the gel...once as a teen I thought I'd make a moisturizing hair gel by combining gel and conditioner and instead I got this crazy chunky glue goo. Try it with a leave in conditioner instead?

  4. it looks awesome. I've seen other tutorials for sea salt spray for beach waves, but I must say, yours looks the best by far. I will give this a try! :)

  5. Thanks gorgeous! your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!