February 26, 2012

How to: Be an Environmentally Friendly Shaver

Toss those disposable razors! Well, I guess I'm trying to get you to stop tossing them. That's the point really. To stop using ugly old disposable razors that in most cases and places can not be recycled. Imagine that razor floating in the ocean somewhere. Real nice.

Actually, where it ends up is the smallest concern. The manufacturing of the raw materials to make these little plastic beasties is the real concern. So, let's hop on into the way-back machine and go for a less harmful option: The double-edged safety razor

My husband and I have been using one of these bad boys for the last two years and we definitely think that it beats the heck out of the disposables for three reasons:
1) The shave is fantastic!
2) The cost is pennies a shave.
3) Why put more plastic into the world?

To get that great shave, we have some recommendations. You do have to be a bit more delicate while shaving at first. You'll get the hang of it very quickly. We've also found that the type of hair you are shaving determines the direction you should shave. When shaving course hair, like men's facial hair, go with the grain. When shaving lighter hair, like legs, go against the grain. This has worked great for us.

You have to do a bit of math to see the saving, but here goes. I'll use our setup as an example, but know that you can get less expense options in safety razor and blades.

Say you were using a Gillette Fushion ProGlide razor ($10.99 at Target with one blade) and refills ($30 for a pack of 8). If you used each blade four times it would cost you $1.14 a shave.

Our razor (made in German) was $50. A pack of 100 Derby Extra blades was $12. There are four sides to each blade and we've found that we get at least four shaves out of each side. That's 16 shaves per blade. You get 1600 shaves out of one box of blades. Not including the cost of the razor, that's $0.0075 a shave! If you include the cost of the razor it's $0.04 a shave. That's $1.10 per shave of SAVINGS!

That's assuming the razor will only last as long as a box of blades, which is untrue. These things last decades if well taken care of. The best way to keep this razor in top working condition is to completely rinse and dry it after each use and store it in a dry place. Never leave it in the shower.

One last tip, another reason shaving can be environmentally harmful is the water running while we do so. Shut it off, shave, then rinse people!

Happy shaving!

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  1. Great post! Will be keeping my eyes open for a good razor like yours...any suggestions on place to purchase?