February 28, 2012

Oscars Side Swept Hair Tutorial

Was anyone one else in love with all the side swept Oscar hair on the red carpet Sunday? Geez, Clooney's gal Stacey was wearing it along with Maya Rudolph, in all her eggplant-colored glory. She was my favorite. The dress, the hair, the makeup, the penis jokes.

In Maya's honor, here's a side swept Oscar hair tutorial for everyone.

Why, yes! I did get a hair cut. Thanks for noticing!

1) Blow dried and ready to go.

2) Pick the side you would like to have be curly and pin your hair up in sections in preparation to curl.

3) Curl in 1-2 inch sections.

4) Keep working through all the sections.

5) Hair spray the curled side.

6) Curl the ends of the other side as they will mix into the curled side once swept over.

7) Sweep all your hair to the curled side and follow the GIF below to twist and pin into place at the nape of your neck.


ZXM86b on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Ignore the hanging string that my husband forgot to tell me was hanging out. Nice.

Tomorrow's post: Little Rose's Art

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  1. I LOVE your gif! You should start doing all your tutorials in gifs. :)

    1. I know. I like it as well. Going to do my best to use gifs more. Thanks!

  2. You are absolutely beautiful.

    1. Did you read this post in braille by any chance?

    2. A little confusing... a little hard but I bet with some practice I'll get the hang of it.

    3. Can I clarify anything for you?

  3. Hi,
    Love your tutorial. Just a few quesitons:
    Did you use a thick or thin curling iron? What would you recommend for long hair which can't hold curls very well?

    Thanks !! :D