March 19, 2012

Building the Perfect Burger

Because my hubby had school on his actual birthday, and I had to work, we decided to spend some buddy time together the day before collecting the ingredients for our perfect homemade burger (I'll share our secret ingredient today...if you're good). This required a long walk swinging over through a neighborhood called Surry Hills (if you've ever been to Portland it's similar to NW 23rd). Our adventure went a little something like this...

 A surprise shot from the birthday boy.

 A great cheese place.

The only shot I could get of him.

Bourke Street Bakery

Sausage roll from Bourke Street for breakfast. Mmmmm!

Our secret ingredient is truffle oil. We rub it on the bun and heat the buns over the pan. We got our oil from a fabulous butcher called Hudson Meats.

Lovely, is it not?

Tomorrow's post: Cake Top Stencils

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  1. Ooooo! It does look absolutely lovely! Happy B-day to Mr. Projectville! (That cake is sooo cute too!) And just for good measure - !!! Lol. :)