February 29, 2012

Little Rose's Art

Apparently I have ESP. For real! Look at this drawing my Aunt Nancy found in her basement from when I was a very little girl.

Okay, maybe I don't have ESP, but I did draw myself across the sea in a sunny place where I would have many purses. Creeeeeeeeeepppyyyy! Ha!

Tomorrow's post: An outfit...with a purse...as prophesied!


  1. Funny how our art skills used to be similar, but not so much any more!

    1. It's the Artroids I took. The side effects were devastating. ;) Lovely pic of your fam! So glad I got to meet the little man and see you that Sunday.

  2. :) thanks,Seesta, for finding this, and bringing it over! And, Rose, yes, it's funny how this all worked out! You and your "travels and PURSES"!! :) (((huggggs))