April 30, 2012

Calling All Sponsors

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. Just another style blogger looking for sponsors.
But wait! There's more! Here's a few differences for your consideration:

1) I'm new and therefore my prices are starting lower than most others:
    • $10/month for 300x150
    • $15/month for 300x200
    • $20/month for 300x250

2) I offer some FREE light graphic design to those who can't put together ads themselves

Blogs, bands, products, etsy stores. Come one, come all! Mama needs some revenue to keep up the shenanigans.

Okay, back to the creative good stuff. If you're interested in the above email me, if not, just know I won't make a habit of talking about sponsorship unless changes occur. Thanks!

April 29, 2012

Sweater Weather

Say that ten times fast! Yep, today was definitely a day for layers. Oh, and if you've been aching to see me squint a lot...here's your weekly dose!

Yes, I might just be blinking in the picture above, but it does fit my sentiments about todays weather completely. Warm sun, cool temps, and a tiny breezy are, in my opinion, perfection. It was like someone was following me around with a fan making my hair look like I put much more work into it than I did today.

What I wore:
Sweater – Target (US)
Jacket – MANGO
Jeans – Target (US)
Wedge Loafers – Kenneth Cole
Bag – Fiorelli

On to more weather like this Australia! Yes!

April 26, 2012

DIY Satin Flower Petals

I'm currently building a really pretty headpiece for my friend Kayla's wedding day and needed to create a flower from satin. Here's how I made the petals and how you can too!

First, to save time, I fold over the satin and roughly cut out a rounded edge triangle.

They always turn out different, which is exactly what you want. Nature is rarely perfect.

I then took a lighter and ran it over the edges for two reasons:

1) It singes the fabric, sealing and smoothing the rough edge and keeping it from ever unravelling.

2) If you do this with the shiny side up, you can use the flame to gently curl the petal as it would be in nature.*

*This takes practice!

gif creatorAbove is how I did it. Stay tuned to see the outcome of the headpiece.

UPDATE: Here's the finished product!

April 25, 2012

Little Red

My daily doodle.

April 24, 2012

Fancy Pants Smores

Camping and want to make smores less of a chore? Or want to make this treat for yourself at home, but fancier? Good. I'm glad you're here.

All you need is your trusty marshmallows and a box of chocolate biscuits.

The biscuits I prefer to use are the LU brand (find some near you through their site), though I'm using a generic version today. By using a biscuit that already has the chocolate attached you avoid the clumsy business of pieces of chocolate slipping out or shifting.

I suggest using the dark chocolate variety as it balances the sweet marshmallows.

Just roast your mallows and pop them on top.

If you want to make them EXTRA special you can get fancy hand-made marshmallows. They're square and just made to fit your biscuit!

April 23, 2012

Wingtip Nail Tutorial

Do you enjoy funky nail design AND like to entertain yourself by making your fingers dance, but don't know how to merge your two interests? Fear not! I have just the tutorial for you!

Here's what you'll need:
• One dark nail color (black works nicely)
• One significantly lighter nail color (white works nicely)
• One or two pins to help with the design
• If you'd like to poke one into the end of a pencil for better control you certainly can, but you'll need the pointy end as well for this tutorial

Follow along with the steps below.

Step 1) Paint your nails a dark color.

Step 2) Use applicator to paint two scallops and the bottom half white.

Step 3) Use pinhead to paint white dots along scalloped edge.

Step 4) Use pinpoint to dot white under the scallops.

Step 5) Use applicator to draw dark block on top of the white and the pinpoint to draw a bow.

Step 6) Use the pinpoint to draw a line from the dark block, between the scallops. Also, use the pinpoint to dot dark paint over the white pinhead dots from Step 3.

Use the pinpoint to highlight the bow with white if you like, and don't forget a clear coat.

Commence the funny finger dances! Since they are wingtips, start with the Charleston...

April 22, 2012


Today I had an interview for a placement (like an internship) at a mental health clinic...

...and I got it! Yes! No paycheck, but lots of training and experience in the field. Huzzah!

What I wore:
Skirt – JCPenny's
Sweater – Target (US)
Tank – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Nine West
Bag – Oryany

This is the brief case/bag that I monogramed here.

April 19, 2012

Emergency Flares

A bit of 70s inspired flaredness for a day of errands and shopping.

I love this shirt, it's so breezy and light. I got it at Cotton On (for those of you outside of Australia, that's a popular chain store of reasonability priced staples). Funny enough, it has no cotton in it. In fact, I was stunned to find upon inspecting many of their goods that much of it has no cotton in it. Hmmmm. Anyway!

What I wore:
Shirt – Cotton On
Jeans –
Belts – Target (US)
Shoes – Micheal Antonio
Bag – Gift from Mexico
Glasses – Prada

April 18, 2012

DIY Photo Booth

Planning a party, wedding, or event and need a guest activity that creates keepsakes?

First, you're going to need a backdrop. Hanging up a large piece of fabric will do, but you could get even more creative (ballon wall, streamers, etc.).

Second, you'll need good lighting. Daylight would be the best option, but if your event is not outdoors or near a window during the day, you can setup lighting indoors with a small amount of effort. Karin, over at the blog Space, used a couple daylight lamps she got at Menards for $20 (See photo below). What ever lamps you use, you'll need lighting on both the left and right of the booth and you'll need to test the lighting before guests arrive. For goodness sakes, avoid using the flash!

Third, you'll need a camera (preferably SLR) and tripod. It's easiest if you have some test subjects stand in, set the lighting, focus, aperture, and shutter speed, then use painter's tape to mask out where on the floor they are standing so all future photo booth users are in focus. This way the operator can just click away to capture all the hilarity, rather than having people pose, pose, pose. If you have a remote for your camera, even better. Then, no one is left out of the fun.

Last, give them some props to pump up the fun. Think silly things like chalkboard thought bubbles that people can write on and place over the heads of friends, bunny ears (tutorial from yesterday!), over sized glasses, fake moustaches, giant glasses, or bow ties. Below is what one photo booth creator, Jordan from Oh Happy Day, made for her guests. She offers free printables of her props, and a tutorial on making them, on her adorable blog.

Below is how yet another creative blogger, Jen over at Jen Loves Kev, set up her outdoors photo booth using a colorful shower curtain. How adorable for a first birthday!

There! Now go forth and get creative to capture the crazy fun times at your next event. This could be a great idea for a birthday bash, Halloween party, wedding, school party for kids, or any gathering really.

April 17, 2012

Sweet Sprinkle Nails

Notices all the 'caviar nails' popping up everywhere? Here's how you could do it yourself!

Another option, instead of clear coating right away, is running a colored polish over the sprinkles to get the texture of them, but not the candy colors of the sprinkles.

April 16, 2012

DIY Bunny Ears

Here's a fun little DIY on making your own bunny ears. I know what you're thinking! "You're a little late to the Easter party, Rose." But these aren't exactly kid's ears folks, though you could modify them to be. These are fun, sexy bunny ears made for silly birthday or bachelorette parties, trips to Vegas, or DIY photo booths. Let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:
• a headband
• some felt
• four pipe cleaners
• glue gun and sticks
• any sort of decoration for your ears (lace, sequins, buttons, etc.)

Step 1) Double over your felt and cut out your bunny ears. They should roughly be about as long as your own face and half as wide.

Step 2) Make two folds in the felt at the bottom of both the ears and glue them together, causing the ears to curve in slightly, making an obvious front and back to the ear.

Step 3) Securely connect the end of two pipe cleaners by twisting them together.

Step 4) On the back of both the ears, glue the pipe cleaners around the edge, leaving about two inches of cleaner free at the bottom. If there is too much felt at the bottom you can trim it.

Step 5) Attach all your decorations to the front the ears.

Step 6) Now wrap the excess pipe cleaner around the top of the head band making sure the felt is pulled down tight and in front of the head band so they won't flop around once on your head.

Now wear them to something fun!

I'll be posting instructions on making your own fun party photo booth soon and these ears would make a great prop!