April 16, 2012

DIY Bunny Ears

Here's a fun little DIY on making your own bunny ears. I know what you're thinking! "You're a little late to the Easter party, Rose." But these aren't exactly kid's ears folks, though you could modify them to be. These are fun, sexy bunny ears made for silly birthday or bachelorette parties, trips to Vegas, or DIY photo booths. Let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:
• a headband
• some felt
• four pipe cleaners
• glue gun and sticks
• any sort of decoration for your ears (lace, sequins, buttons, etc.)

Step 1) Double over your felt and cut out your bunny ears. They should roughly be about as long as your own face and half as wide.

Step 2) Make two folds in the felt at the bottom of both the ears and glue them together, causing the ears to curve in slightly, making an obvious front and back to the ear.

Step 3) Securely connect the end of two pipe cleaners by twisting them together.

Step 4) On the back of both the ears, glue the pipe cleaners around the edge, leaving about two inches of cleaner free at the bottom. If there is too much felt at the bottom you can trim it.

Step 5) Attach all your decorations to the front the ears.

Step 6) Now wrap the excess pipe cleaner around the top of the head band making sure the felt is pulled down tight and in front of the head band so they won't flop around once on your head.

Now wear them to something fun!

I'll be posting instructions on making your own fun party photo booth soon and these ears would make a great prop!

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