April 18, 2012

DIY Photo Booth

Planning a party, wedding, or event and need a guest activity that creates keepsakes?

First, you're going to need a backdrop. Hanging up a large piece of fabric will do, but you could get even more creative (ballon wall, streamers, etc.).

Second, you'll need good lighting. Daylight would be the best option, but if your event is not outdoors or near a window during the day, you can setup lighting indoors with a small amount of effort. Karin, over at the blog Space, used a couple daylight lamps she got at Menards for $20 (See photo below). What ever lamps you use, you'll need lighting on both the left and right of the booth and you'll need to test the lighting before guests arrive. For goodness sakes, avoid using the flash!

Third, you'll need a camera (preferably SLR) and tripod. It's easiest if you have some test subjects stand in, set the lighting, focus, aperture, and shutter speed, then use painter's tape to mask out where on the floor they are standing so all future photo booth users are in focus. This way the operator can just click away to capture all the hilarity, rather than having people pose, pose, pose. If you have a remote for your camera, even better. Then, no one is left out of the fun.

Last, give them some props to pump up the fun. Think silly things like chalkboard thought bubbles that people can write on and place over the heads of friends, bunny ears (tutorial from yesterday!), over sized glasses, fake moustaches, giant glasses, or bow ties. Below is what one photo booth creator, Jordan from Oh Happy Day, made for her guests. She offers free printables of her props, and a tutorial on making them, on her adorable blog.

Below is how yet another creative blogger, Jen over at Jen Loves Kev, set up her outdoors photo booth using a colorful shower curtain. How adorable for a first birthday!

There! Now go forth and get creative to capture the crazy fun times at your next event. This could be a great idea for a birthday bash, Halloween party, wedding, school party for kids, or any gathering really.

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