April 24, 2012

Fancy Pants Smores

Camping and want to make smores less of a chore? Or want to make this treat for yourself at home, but fancier? Good. I'm glad you're here.

All you need is your trusty marshmallows and a box of chocolate biscuits.

The biscuits I prefer to use are the LU brand (find some near you through their site), though I'm using a generic version today. By using a biscuit that already has the chocolate attached you avoid the clumsy business of pieces of chocolate slipping out or shifting.

I suggest using the dark chocolate variety as it balances the sweet marshmallows.

Just roast your mallows and pop them on top.

If you want to make them EXTRA special you can get fancy hand-made marshmallows. They're square and just made to fit your biscuit!


  1. How do you roast your marshmallows at home? It sounds so stupid but I tried it with a lighter once and ended up setting off our fire alarm. I've been banned from making toasted marshmallow since...

    1. I pop them on the end of a chopstick over my gas stove flame, and holding them far away from the flame, slowing roast them. Stay ready! Because at any moment the heat could become so much that they burst into flames. No worries. Just calmly blow them out. I tend to like mine a bit charred, but if you dislike the char or flames just hold your marshmallow further from the burner. It will just take longer to roast.

      Happy toasting!