May 22, 2012

DIY Flip Flop Cheetah Print

Have an old pair of plain flip flops that need a refresh? I updated mine with animal print.

Here's what they started as...

I practiced first on some paper with my paint pen, then started on the soles of the flip flops. This is just enough animal print to subtly update your sandals without going overboard. You don't want them actually growling at people!

 I have a few tips for drawing cheetah print like this (or any animal print):

1) Google image search the print you're looking to draw and keep a picture in front of you.
2) Make it imperfect. When you start to repeat the pattern, or copy the same shape over and over, it will cease to look like animal print.

Done! This was so quick and easy.


  1. Great advice!!Love em!

  2. Um...the sharpie is going to rub off on your feet whenever you wear these.