May 16, 2012

Jar Head

Save the whales jars! the whales too, but you can also save your empty jars. You're mostly paying for packing anyway, might as well use it! Here's how I used mine and a few other ideas.

I opened up our kitchen cupboard today and decided this is where our current collection of jars was going to be put to use. Loose spices. Geez, I hate those little bags. They flop open, they get lost in the back. Annoying! So they were transferred to labeled jars today.

Look at those darn spice packets, mocking me from the back of the cupboard!

I used a dry erase marker to label them. That way I can switch them later.


Here are three other jar ideas I've seen lately that are tempting as well.


  1. What fun ideas!!! I really love your blog, it is a triple threat! Hair, crafts, and style! Keep up the great posts!

  2. :) Great job! I painted old jars with puff paint then layers and layers of white, then sealer. So fun! Love