June 18, 2012

Day Out: Market City (Paddy's)

As the hubby continues to fight a cold (ahem...I gave him) and study for finals, I decided to get out of the apartment and head over to Market City, or what we call Paddy's Market. It's a giant city block of outlet goodness and people watching on the lower level and Asian supermarkets and quick food on the upper level.

I only got a few shots from far away because my camera made me the target of glares from the shop owners. Maybe because many of the stands sell "Louis" and "Chanel".

I'll give you a few tips if you ever make it to Australia and come to this popular market.

#1) NEVER go on a Saturday or Sunday. Unless you enjoy people invading your personal space while being stuck behind those who decide to simply stop in the middle of a crowded walkway to answer their phone or take a look around. It's a nightmare on the weekend for anyone who dislikes large crowds...meaning...me. I really took one for the team today, kids. My ideal day of shopping is being one of maybe five people in a large shop. Oh, yeah. That's the stuff.

#2) Unless the person who made the product is sitting there and can have a chat with you, there's a good chance what you're buying is either not the actual brand it says it is or will fall apart within a month of buying it. Of course this doesn't apply to everything, but to give you an idea, this is the place I bought the infamous exploding sunglasses. (photo via)

#3) The above being said, this is a great place to get costumes and wigs. (photo)

#4) The produce section here is pretty awesome. Everything comes in fresh in the morning, and though it is PACKED, the best deals can be found on Sunday afternoon as they aren't open Mondays and everything needs to sell. The shop keepers will haggle with you about almost anything, so go for it if you have the guts to do so and the sharp elbows to keep the other customers at bay. Not me. Haggling makes me break out in hives. (photo)

To summarize: Try not to go on the weekend unless you're into strangers rubbing up against you, inspect what you buy as there's lots of knock offs and cheap goods, it's a great place to find a neon pink wig, and the perfect place to haggle over a grapefruit.


  1. oh,, I miss Paddy's Market! I use to go every month while I was living out in Australia. And often made the mistake of going during the weekend :)

    1. Hahahaha! That happens! :) It seems I only remember it exists on the weekends.

  2. Very cool! Kind of reminds me of the Reading Terminal Market in Philly, but way cooler because its Australia! hahha

    1. If there's cheese steaks involved Philly wins every time.