June 19, 2012

DIY Dress to Skirt

Recently I complained about a dress that was much too short for me. This is a common problem for tall gals, dresses that have defined waistlines, but don't fall at our waists because our torsos are longer.

Before this turns into a whine-fest about being tall, which many of my vertically challenged readers would probably be annoyed with, I'll show you how I created an appropriate length skirt out of a too-short dress.

Above is what it looks like now and below is how short it was before. It may not look like a stunning transformation in length, but I'll tell you, I wore it today and it felt far more appropriate.

I thought about just letting out the seam at the bottom, but as you can see there was not enough fabric to actually make much of a difference. It also had a zipper running up the side, so I had to be aware of that.

To transform this dress (I won from Romwe.com) into a skirt I simply cut it through the middle, above the zipper, leaving myself plenty of fabric to fold over and stitch down.

I folded it at the waist seam, which your dress may or may not have. If it doesn't have this you will have more freedom in how long the skirt will be and how big of a waist band it will have. This dress basically had one built in for me.

I pinned the extra fabric down then whip-stitch it together inside.

The trickiest bit was the zipper. It originally ran all the way up my side, but now it is folded over and sewed down. These are the only stitches that are visible as I hid the rest in the waistline seam.

This is what it looks like now. I think it's much more comfortable and much more versitile in my wardrobe. Prepare to see this bad boy mixed in a lot.

Do you have any dresses you've been thinking of turning into a skirt?


  1. great new look! I have a couple of dresses that I'd like to potentially alter but I'm not very good at that sort of thing ha

    1. Go for it! Actually, I bet a tailor could make quick (and inexpensive) work out of those dresses for you.

  2. Wow that is so easy! and looks really awesome :-)

    1. Thanks, Lizzy! Yeah, I have to admit, this took maybe 20 minutes including hand sewing time. :) Easy post!

  3. no, but I have to dress I bought earlier this year for less than nothing (in total 60 SEK, roughly 8 US dollars, in total for both of them) that Im going to transform to dresses that does fit my body instead (the tanktop-dresses is what Im planning). I have short legs, well, I am short, but my upperbody is long so most dresses looks weird on me too...