June 21, 2012

DIY Removable Shoe Tassels

Tassels? On shoes? Who am I, a yacht owner? Well, no, but I do have plenty of loafers that could use an accessory or two. Here's how I made removable leather tassles. You could make them out of thick strips of anything though (felt? vinyl?)

You'll also need: tape, scissors, hot glue, and four medium-sized beads.

Lengths will vary depending on the size of your shoes, but start with a strip of leather (or your chosen material) that loops up and over the strap of your loafer and hangs past the front of the shoe by about an inch. I'll refer to this as string #1.

1) To create your tassels fold a length of leather into 4-6 approx. 1 1/2 inch loops.

2) Place the end of string #1 inside your bunch of loops, trying to place it in the middle. The end of string #1 should just barely stick out past your the end of your loops.

3) Next, wrap some tape around the end very tightly.

4) Clip the ends of all the loops.

5) Holding the now clipped ends together tightly.

6) Trim them all at once just enough to make them all the same length.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 for the other shoe's tassel.

8) Now place two beads on each string #1.

9) Repeat steps 1-6 at the other end of string #1.

You should now have a tassel with a bead above it hanging on both ends of string #1.

10) Blacken the tape with a marker.

11) Cut two lengths (or however many you need to cover your tape) of leather to fit tightly around the top of your tassel and completely cover the tape.

Glue on with hot glue.

12) If your leather is unruly and wants to flare out everywhere, you can dampen it with a little water and tightly wrap the ends with tape. Let it dry like that, take of the tape, and they should stay together like the photo below.

13) Loop the tassels around your shoe and your done!

If your shoes don't have a strap like mine (and are actual penny loafers) you could hot glue your tassels to a coin and pop them in.

Enjoy your new found classiness! Even if you don't have a yacht. Oh, Miffy!

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