June 26, 2012

Organic Lip Care (use less, spend less, feel better)

When I leave the house there are four ingredients I MUST have in my bag or pockets: my wallet, my coin purse, my glasses, and some sort of lip care.

Today I put forward three non-petroleum, organic lip care products that I've had great success with and share how my move to non-petroleum has changed my lips.

1) Yes to Carrots ™ Conditioning Lip Butter – This 100% natural balm comes in four flavors, but I prefer the pomegranate because it is the only flavor with SPF. It has a heavy duty consistency that reminds me of the old Burt's Bees SPF lip balm, but it doesn't turn your lips white (which I hated). This balm works great under lipstick too.

2) Eco Lips® – This smooth formula is 87% organic (the only part not organic is the SPF 15 sunscreen) and comes in berry, mint, original, and bee-free versions. I've tried the berry, which I love, and the mint, which I hated the smell of. With the consistency if Carmex, this stuff is soothing, but don't wear it beneath lipstick as it's too slick.

3) Balm Balm Lip Balm (and more) – This is a great lip balm for around the house, as it doesn't SPF. It's fragrance free, 100% organic, and can be used for multiple uses. I use it on the go when I don't have lotion and have a dry spot on my hands. It works well under lipstick if you don't load it on.

All of these items are available on feelunique.com (free shipping!) or you could check your local pharmacy or health food store.

The reason I switched to these products instead of my old stand-by (Chapstick) is because I got tired of reapplying and reapplying. Eventually I started to feel as though my lips got worse rather than better in the long run when using Chapstick. And it's true! Though the myth that petroleum products can make your lips 'addicted' to them is false, it is true that when petroleum-based products dry on your lips they end up sapping more moisture away from your lips than they added. So why not put something on your lips that actually conditions them in a positive way?!

The first couple days after I switched my lips were a bit angry (feeling drier than normal), but with some gentle exfoliation and continuing to put the non-petroleum products on them, within about five days they felt better than ever. In fact, I don't find myself putting lip balm on at all during the day unless I go outside (for the SPF). Most days, as long as I'm drinking enough water, I put a good amount on in the evening before bed and that is it. I use less, spend less, and feel better!

Try a non-petroleum lip balm and see if you like it better!


  1. When I purchase a lip balm, it seems that I can never really find the one that I truly love. I will try the ones that you've suggested. Thank you!


  2. I am a nopoo-er, so no silicones or mineraloils of any kind on my body! There is a huge difference on my skin (my face looks amazing, no spots at all anymore!) since I started with aloevera and oil as moisturizers, and I have learned to feel on my skin which oil (they are all different, some contains more fat than others whch are dryer) ut need each day. Or day, I try not to shower every day, there is actually no need for that either =)