May 31, 2012

Sickie Boots

Dragged my self up and out of bed after what could be called the worst night of sleep ever...and this is what I plunked on. Please ignore the nose redness.

It's always hilarious how whacked out I feel when I'm sick. I can't trust anything I type or read. For all I know I'm typing nonsense right now. I feel like I'm living in a Salvador Dali painting. At least I was able to put clothes on before heading off to work...that could have been awkward.

What I wore:
Sweater – Paper Scissors
Boatneck T-shirt – Cotton On
Scarf – Thrifted
Hat – Cotton On
Purse – Nine West
Jeans – Target (US)
Boots – Kenneth Cole

Also, while watching an episode of Inside the Actors Studio, I realized that my new glasses are an almost exact replica of the glasses Michael Caine has always worn. And I'm okay with that.


  1. i love ur boot, love ur beaniee actually everythign :D

  2. wow if the whole world looked like you when sick ...well...!
    you are too hard on yourself princess

  3. We need to get some photos of Auntie Barb on that deck! Hope you feel better soon. Love the boots!