July 08, 2012

Best of June: In case you missed it!

Here are a few of my favorite posts from June, just in case you missed it. I'll do it Letterman style with the best for last. Just imagine me wearing men's glasses and colorful tie during this. Also, it's my birthday...let's not go into it...I've found three bright silver hairs this week.

4) Churros...oh they were good.

3) Shiny door stripes.

2) Removable shoe tassels.

Drum roll please, Paul!

1) Turning a too short dress into a skirt!



  1. Happy birthday! Embrace those grey hairs. I have a few already, too, but I refuse to dye them or pluck them. They belong right where they are. :)

  2. Grey hair...signs of wisdom! The Bible tell us best...

  3. I've also found some silver hairs... I like to think they make me look distinguished.