July 10, 2012

DIY Curtain Rod Coat Rack

Need a coat rack? Have $6? I've got you covered, friend!

Head to IKEA and pick up 3 extendable curtain rods that extend to the height you require for your coat rack (make a measurement or test them out at the store to make sure they extend long enough). I found these for $1.98 each!

You'll also need some masking or duct tape, some yarn, two large beads (or anything nickel-sized and round), and a hot glue gun.

To prep your rods extend them to the height you need (all the same), run a bead of hot glue on the seam where the two sections of rod meet. While it's hot slide the two sections together slightly so that the glue gets pulled into the seam. Let it cool and the rod should stay stuck at that height.

1) Arrange your three rods in a tee-pee formation and run a long piece of masking tape around where the meet. To keep the rods from collapsing, place your large beads in the middle of the rods above and below the tape and pump hot glue around them.

2) Tie a very long piece of yarn around the tape and start wrapping it around tightly.

3) Keep wrapping long pieces of yarn around the taped bits.

4) Completely cover the tape. Remember to keep the yarn tight as this is actually what hold the rods together in the long run. The tape is just a temporary helper.

Hang your coats and your done!


  1. That a pretty darn wonderful DIY! I've been in need of a good coatrack so I might just give this a go myself!