July 23, 2012

Top Down Curling Technique

Recently, I found what I'm deeming a revolutionary new curling technique that has worked WONDERS on my hair. I, like Cara in the tutorial on Maskara, have no clue if this is actually new and revolutionary, but I have still deemed it so! Take a look at the video and try it.
What's different about this technique is that you curl from the top down, instead of rolling your hair up from the bottom on the curling iron, you roll it from the root down. Then you hold the curl up while it cools a bit, and then twist it. This creates a long lasting shape.

Watch this and go visit her amazing site!


  1. I'll have to try this sometime. ;)

  2. Love this picture of you! You look so darn happy and your hair is indeed, gorgeous!

  3. I know that tutorial,it is really amazing and my curls actially last a couple of days :)

    I've been reading your blog for a while and I want to congratulate you on being so positive,creative and sweet!Wish you all the best!
    Btw my fav tutorial is your earings tree!