February 29, 2012

My First 100

Hey! Guess what I have now!

Thank you. That is all.

Little Rose's Art

Apparently I have ESP. For real! Look at this drawing my Aunt Nancy found in her basement from when I was a very little girl.

Okay, maybe I don't have ESP, but I did draw myself across the sea in a sunny place where I would have many purses. Creeeeeeeeeepppyyyy! Ha!

Tomorrow's post: An outfit...with a purse...as prophesied!

February 28, 2012

Oscars Side Swept Hair Tutorial

Was anyone one else in love with all the side swept Oscar hair on the red carpet Sunday? Geez, Clooney's gal Stacey was wearing it along with Maya Rudolph, in all her eggplant-colored glory. She was my favorite. The dress, the hair, the makeup, the penis jokes.

In Maya's honor, here's a side swept Oscar hair tutorial for everyone.

Why, yes! I did get a hair cut. Thanks for noticing!

1) Blow dried and ready to go.

2) Pick the side you would like to have be curly and pin your hair up in sections in preparation to curl.

3) Curl in 1-2 inch sections.

4) Keep working through all the sections.

5) Hair spray the curled side.

6) Curl the ends of the other side as they will mix into the curled side once swept over.

7) Sweep all your hair to the curled side and follow the GIF below to twist and pin into place at the nape of your neck.


ZXM86b on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Ignore the hanging string that my husband forgot to tell me was hanging out. Nice.

Tomorrow's post: Little Rose's Art

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February 27, 2012

Oscar Tea Party

Every year at Oscar time Mr. Projectville whips up an amazing tea party for two. Baby sandwiches, scones, tea, cookies, the whole nine yards. Now, before you start questioning my beau's man cred, keep in mind he can also grill a steak to perfection while shooting guns and growing a beard...while camping. Manly!

That being said, my man makes one heck of a scone! Thus, a tradition was born. Each year a very English feast is prepared after we fill out our Oscar ballots.

A new tradition has also been born, Skyping with his sister for the entire affair. From the red carpet, to parting jokes by Mr. Crystal, we chat with her about who's wearing what and who should have won (Ahem...Bridesmaids!).

Here's how this year went and our favorite recipe from the day.

Scones Recipe from Special Teas by M. Dalton King:
2 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, cold
3/4 cup milk
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 tablespoons cold water

Preheat oven to 350˚F

Sift the dry ingredients together. Using a pastry blender or 2 knives, cut the butter into the dry ingredients until the mixture is crumbly.

Beat the milk and egg together. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir until well blended. 

Prepare a flat surface by flouring it well (the dough will be slightly wet and will absorb the flour quickly). Place the dough on a flat surface. Knead briefly (once or twice) and pat the dough until it is 3/4 inch thick. Cut out the scones with a 2 1/2-inch biscuit cutter and place on a greased baking sheet.

Beat the egg with the cold water. Using a pastry brush, glaze each scone with this mixture. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve hot or cold, with jam and clotted cream, if desired.

PS: I won the 'Guess who's gonna win the Oscar' game! No big deal.

Tomorrow's post: Oscar Side Swept Hair Tutorial

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February 26, 2012

How to: Be an Environmentally Friendly Shaver

Toss those disposable razors! Well, I guess I'm trying to get you to stop tossing them. That's the point really. To stop using ugly old disposable razors that in most cases and places can not be recycled. Imagine that razor floating in the ocean somewhere. Real nice.

Actually, where it ends up is the smallest concern. The manufacturing of the raw materials to make these little plastic beasties is the real concern. So, let's hop on into the way-back machine and go for a less harmful option: The double-edged safety razor

My husband and I have been using one of these bad boys for the last two years and we definitely think that it beats the heck out of the disposables for three reasons:
1) The shave is fantastic!
2) The cost is pennies a shave.
3) Why put more plastic into the world?

To get that great shave, we have some recommendations. You do have to be a bit more delicate while shaving at first. You'll get the hang of it very quickly. We've also found that the type of hair you are shaving determines the direction you should shave. When shaving course hair, like men's facial hair, go with the grain. When shaving lighter hair, like legs, go against the grain. This has worked great for us.

You have to do a bit of math to see the saving, but here goes. I'll use our setup as an example, but know that you can get less expense options in safety razor and blades.

Say you were using a Gillette Fushion ProGlide razor ($10.99 at Target with one blade) and refills ($30 for a pack of 8). If you used each blade four times it would cost you $1.14 a shave.

Our razor (made in German) was $50. A pack of 100 Derby Extra blades was $12. There are four sides to each blade and we've found that we get at least four shaves out of each side. That's 16 shaves per blade. You get 1600 shaves out of one box of blades. Not including the cost of the razor, that's $0.0075 a shave! If you include the cost of the razor it's $0.04 a shave. That's $1.10 per shave of SAVINGS!

That's assuming the razor will only last as long as a box of blades, which is untrue. These things last decades if well taken care of. The best way to keep this razor in top working condition is to completely rinse and dry it after each use and store it in a dry place. Never leave it in the shower.

One last tip, another reason shaving can be environmentally harmful is the water running while we do so. Shut it off, shave, then rinse people!

Happy shaving!

Tomorrow's post: Oscar Tea Party

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February 23, 2012

Back in the Sack

Well, hello again! I'm back from my two week trip to the US and, between cuddling with the hubby I missed and unpacking, I'm finding time to say hello to my bloggy friends.

Highlights from the trip you ask? Well, don't mind if I do!

• Seeing my in-laws
• Living my sis-in-law's life for a few days
• VooDoo
• Wax museum day with my nephew
• Shellack manicure and my first massage (yes, ever!)
• Mexican food with my biggest fan
• Eating at all my favorite Portland places (and sending pictures to my hubby to gloat)
• Pizza and drinks with Akila (far left pic care of Akila)
• Speed shopping with Dancy
• Indian food with 'the girls'

• A lovely ride home from the airport
• Smushing the faces of my niece and nephew
• Seeing my Mom and Dad
• Going out with my sisters
• Laughing at Corey mocking drunk people
• MN family potluck
• Morris
• Hanging out with my Aunts
• Target
• Getting to spend a lot of quality time with Kayla (Are you hungry? I'm hungry.)
• Grandma
• Seeing how tall my niece is getting and laughing hysterically at her being funny
• TJMaxx shopping spreeeeee! (don't judge)

Las Vegas:
• Rallying
• Indoor skydiving
• A campy David Cooperfield show (who I now call Creeperfield after getting 'the eyes' and a floppy hand shake from him)
• Penn & Teller!
• Dressing up
• Day at the pool
• O (Flipping amazing! Literally, there were a lot of flips.)
• Yummy dinners
• Daisy and Wendy Sue
• Premium outlets!
• Eating until it hurt at Carnegie Deli
• Bouchon Bakery

All this in two weeks while battling jetlag and allergies and avoiding the stomach flu that attacked my parents relentlessly. I tell you what, I'm a darn warrior princess!

Thanks to everyone who made my trip home so very special! I hope to visit you again soon my star spangled land of free Diet Coke refills. I salute you!

Now back to eating the junk food my sis-in-law sent home with me and watching movies with the man I missed so much. It's obvious a semi-vegetative state in bed is the only way to make up for lost time.

February 22, 2012

DIY Sea Salt Spray

I have never used sea salt spray on my naturally lightly wavy hair in the past, so I'll have to go on Cara's word over at Maskcara on how amazing it is. She has a stunning beauty blog (her eye makeup tutorials are the bomb). Recently she posted a recipe for said sea salt spray, so I had to make it and try it out for myself. Good golly! I love it!

Here's Cara's recipe:
1 Cup WARM water
3 Tablespoons Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Gel or Spray Gel
1/2 Tablespoon Conditioner (or leave-in)
A couple of sprites of your favorite perfume

You'll also need an empty spray bottle, save and reuse one you already have!

Mix the warm water and salt first and shake well (until all the salt crystals are dissolved). Add the rest of the ingredients.

I (for some unknown chemical reason) had chunks in mine no matter how much a stirred it, so I ran it through a cheese cloth to strain it before putting it in my spray bottle.

I blow dried my hair like normal, but just used my hands on the ends to keep from straightening it. Then, sprayed it generously and scrunch, scrunch, scrunched it.

Tomorrow's post: Outfit

February 21, 2012

DIY Bib Necklace

I was skeptical of the whole bib necklace phenomenon when it first cropped back up, but today, after DIYing my own version, I see why they have gained popularity. They class up a tee shirt, look great under a jacket or with a button-up shirt. Here's how I made mine.

What you need:
• felt
• about a meter of chain (available at most craft stores)
• ribbon
• sparkly bits (I used some studs from an old purse and gems and beads from an old shirt)
• glue gun and sticks
• scissors
• Mod Podge or other acrylic based sealant

Step 1) I hot glued my sparkly bits to the felt in an arrangement I liked. I did a symmetrical design, but you could do something asymmetrical if you like. I also Mod Podged on the beads in certain areas.

Step 2) Cut around your design.

Step 3) I divided my chain into three sections for each side in equal lengthes. I then wove black ribbon through the outer two lengths of chain and attached it to the necklace by using hot glue to sandwich the chain between a small piece of felt and the underside of the felt my sparkly bits were on.

Step 4) I used the extra ribbon at the end of the chain to tie on the tying ribbon that closes the necklace in the back. I used a small piece of ribbon to cover up where I glued and tied the tying ribbon and the woven ribbon from the chains.

Step 5) Lastly, I painted the whole felt piece with glossy Mod Podge to give it some shine. It actually kind of looks like leather in person.


Tomorrow's post:  DIY Sea Salt Spray and Beachy Hair

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February 20, 2012

Dalton and Jack

Recently, my good friend of 23 years, Jill, commissioned two watercolors of her children, Dalton and Jack. Though I still don't think these capture how completely wonderful her children are, I took a good crack at it. Thanks for the work, girl!

This is what her little boys look like. Aren't they sweet? I'm sure right after these pictures they were chasing frogs and trying to push fire into the walls like most little boys, but gosh they look angelic here, don't they!?

You can commission your own here.

Tomorrow's post: DIY Bib Necklace

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February 19, 2012

Skinnies and Stripes

Yet another rainy summer day in Sydney. But life goes on! Appointments, coffee date with a girlfriend, dinner out with some classmates, and movie night with my hubby. The weather might be gloomy, but I refuse to look so!

The amount of hairspray it took to keep my hair looking like this in the rainy weather was unprecedented. Yet, it worked. I just had to stay away from the table candles at dinner.

What I wore out and about:
Jacket – Mango
Tee – Target (US)
Skinny Jeans – Target (US)
Boots – Unlisted by Kenneth Cole
Bag – United Colors of Benetton

Tomorrow's post: Little Boy Paintings

February 16, 2012

Hey, Sailor

Hey there, sailor! To go with my 40s inspired triple twist updo from earlier this week, here's what I wore that day.

This is just one of those outfits that makes you want to tap dance...or try to tap dance...or try to pretend that you know how to tap dance.

Here's what I wore:
Dress – Target (US)
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Rampage

Monday's post: Outfit

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February 15, 2012

Glamourous 30s Hair

I've talked about Adrianna enough on this blog, it's time for you to meet her! Here she is in all her red-headed glory. Isn't she a cutie pie!? She asked if I would old-hollywood-up her hair one afternoon and we went for it. Here's how...

First, I popped half of her hair on top of her head and started to use a curling iron to curl under and pin in place small sections of her hair.

 I did this all over her head, including around her face. Then, at the very top of her head I used a three barrel curling iron to get a wavy old-timey look. Or at least that is what I'm calling it. I made sure that these wavy pieces were curled under at the bottom so they could blend with the curled hair underneath.

Looks like a hot mess here, but as soon as you take the pinned curls down and gently run a brush over everything it looks quite 30s glam.

Pop a hair accessory in the side to jazz it up even more.

A very date night worthy look. Adorable Adrianna!

Tomorrow's post: Outfit

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February 14, 2012

And the winner is...

Congrats, Nicole! And thanks to all who entered! If you happened not to win and still wanted to get something from my shop, simply use the coupon code GIVEAWAY20 for 20% off any order (even custom!) at my Etsy shop.

Tomorrow's post: Adrianna's 30s Hair

February 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Valentine's Day

I'm out of the country visiting my family right now, which is fabulous, but I did have to give up Valentine's Day with my hubby to go on the trip. He's home in Australia. Because I'm out of the country, and I can't give him his gift in person, I have set up a small scavenger hunt.

Little notes are hidden all over our apartment and he has no clue. Heh heh heh. Gosh, I'm good. I'll send him a quick email telling him where to begin (or he'll read this). He'll be led all around the place before finding out where his present is hidden.

I love you, Sweetie! Start the hunt by looking behind the picture of you and your siblings.

Tomorrow's post: The winner of my first giveaway is announced. Sign up today!

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February 12, 2012

Triple Twist Ponytail Updo

In homage to the 40s rolled curl look I decided to create this three twist ponytail updo. It's a bit softer than the more structured rolled curls of the past, with more volume.

This is how I did it.

Step 1) Brushed and ready to go.

Step 2) Pull up the middle section of hair on top of your head. Back comb at its base.

Step 3) This is the first twist. Laying the hair back down, gently sculpt it a bit with a comb, twisting it and holding it place so that it looks voluminous.

Step 4) Pin the twist down in the back.

Step 5) Parted in the middle I start twisting back.

Step 6) Keep twisting and pinning as you go. Push the pins in from back to front, hiding them within the twist you're making. Do this all the way back, gathering all the loose hair on one side of your head back to where your ponytail will be.

Step 7) Do the same on the other side.

Step 8) Gather all the hair you've just twisted back and create a low ponytail. Pull the pin that held the first twist in place to loosen the look.

Step 9) If you like, cover the ponytail holder by wrapping a small section of hair around the base, pinning it in place.

Tomorrow's post: Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

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