September 29, 2015

Estate Sale Tips & Console Table Project

Okay, here's the story on my foray into vintage interiors. Recently, my lovely neighbor and wonderful friend introduced me to the world of estate sales. I'd been a yard saler from a young age (mom was crazy for a good garage sale!), but had never been to an Estate sale before. It was the perfect place to find furniture to refurbish, something I've always loved doing.

Holy crap! It's so fun. But there are a couple weird things I've learned. Here's a few estate sale tips.

1) There will be lines! As this selfie shows. Get on the list if you know you're going opening day, and get there at least 15min before opening. We texted to get on the list they day it was posted and we were still 80 people back from the front. Be calm and be quiet while the estate sale organizers are speaking to the cranky crowd. You will see these workers at other sales, they work hard, and getting on their good side is a really good idea. 

2) Pickers - the people that frequent these sales and often sell their purchases elsewhere - can be a tricky crowd to read. That little old lady that looks so nice WILL elbow you to get to the costume jewelry before you. That ginormous tattooed guy will gladly help you get that chandelier unhooked from the ceiling once he sees you're not after those baseball cards. It's every man or woman for themselves. Though, you'll probably see these folks at other sales too, so be polite.

3) Leave these things at home: your big purse (use your pockets or a small cross body bag), your kids (unless they are small enough to strap on or SUPER well behaved - so many breakables), and anything that fills up your car - you'll need space for your purchases!

4) Bring these things: a bit of cash and your debit or credit card (estate sale companies almost all have card taking capabilities) and a reusable grocery bag to help you collect items while you shop.

All that being said, you can find some SLAMMING deals. My goodness. You may have to use your imagination when looking at various items. This console table was previously an organ bench before the height was adding at the bottom. It opens, making for some storage which is convenient. I paid $8 for this piece, which was just stained when I first found it. I put about 1-hour of work into sanding and putting about $.25 worth of Miller Velvet paint on it. BOOM! Refurbished organ bench console table!

Next post I'll show you my new booth at Curiosites Vintage Mall! Yay!

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