September 22, 2015

Hide and Chic

Hi again!  I thought I'd give you a little overview of one of the things I've been up to before I jump back into projects.

After having our baby, and traveling with him, I had the idea for a baby blanket that would hide a baby's toys at the end of the day under what looks like a chic throw. Boom. The Hide and Chic baby activity throw was born!

It comes with bright child-friendly flannel on one side, with four loops and pockets for toys, and more luxurious throw material on the other. Scoop it up at the end of the day, toss it on the couch, and baby's mess disappears.

It's perfect for tummy time, comes in lots of fun color combos, and makes a great baby shower gift. It's handmade by yours truly and is ideal for hiding toys at home, Grandma's, Auntie's, or on the road. I recently used my travel version (also available) in an airport during a long layover and it was a miracle worker!

Well, that's one thing I've been working on. Next post = projects!

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