October 19, 2015

DIY Playing Card Bunting

Projects! First up, something I recently made and can easily teach you to make, but also display and sell in my vintage mall booth...Playing Card Bunting. The fun thing about this is they are double sided, so you can display the face side of the card or the colorful back. Maybe hang two strands, one with the face side and one with the back.

You don't have to use only playing cards either! Postcards, kids flash cards, old greeting cards...all great ideas!

It's super simple. Just find an old deck of cards (I always find these at estate sales and thrift stores), and trim them into the the triangle bunting shape. Then use a hole punch in the corners of the short end of each card.

To make an (approximately) 6-foot length of bunting you'll need half the cards in a pack. So you'll need about 7-8-feet of yarn. Choose which side of the card you would like to have facing out because it matters for how you string the yarn through the card to show the least amount of yarn.

Put a knot in the end of the yarn to make it easier to string through. Push the knotted end through the front of the card, stringing it along the back, then pushing the knotted end back through to the front of the card. Repeat this for all your cards. If you want a 10-12-foot string of bunting you'll use the whole pack and you'll need 13-14-feet of yarn.

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