November 22, 2015

DIY Vintage Painting Update

I run into a lot of old original paintings in my estate sale travels, and always am astounded at how cheaply they are priced. I found this first fall-colored beauty (big ups to Glenn, I can't read your last name, who painted it) for $2.50...TWO FIFTY, PEOPLE! In a frame!

It wasn't quite my style as is, as much as I appreciate the work that went into it. So, what to do? Gold Stripes!

You can do this too! Here's what you'll need:

- a painting
- blue painters tape
- gold craft paint or spray paint if you want to tape everything else off

1) Tape off your stripes. I eyeballed this, but it might be easier to measure off the stripes and spaces and mark with pencil before taping to ensure a straight line.

2) Paint! I used two coats of Martha Stewart's gold craft paint.

3) Remove tape and hang!

Keep in mind that many painting have a natural texture to them do to the technique or medium used, which means the blue tape won't adhere perfectly or make a precise line. I was okay with that. You really can't tell unless you look CLOSE.

Here it is on the wall with a little collection of original floral paintings and one framed print that I added my favorite Tom Petty lyric to with the same gold paint. Cute, right?! I love the quote painting.


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