December 27, 2015

DIY Leather Wallet Branding

Hello! Been a few days longer than usual. Got all caught up in Christmas cheer!

I'm back today with a quick DIY project, showing you how to update any old leather wallet. I run across these a lot at estate sales and thrift stores. You can pick them up for a dollar or two and then completely revamp them with a little creative spirit.

What you'll need:
- a wood burner (easily found at any craft store, mine was $14 before coupon at Micheal's)
- leather wallet (must be leather! You don't want to start a polyurethane anything on fire!)
- sharpie

1) Map out what you want to brand onto your leather product with sharpie. While you're doing this let your wood-burner warm up.

2) Open a window or go outside to us the wood-burner. Trace your design with the hot end. Do this quickly at first until you get the hang of how long to let the burner set against the leather to get your desired effect.

Mine happened to have a monogramed letter already on it, so I got creative to cover it up.

You're done! You could even monogram your own bags. Okay, practice on something cheap before attempting that! If you want to see when I tried it, head here.

PS: Exciting updates about my vintage booth at Curiosities in the New Year!

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