December 06, 2015

DIY Sassy Vintage Plates

Hey there, Pointers! I posted on Projectville's Facebook page and Instagram that I had "updated" some vintage plates with super sassy/ironic quotes and a few people asked what I used, so here are a few more I've made and a quick tutorial. They are also available for purchase in the shop, if you are so inclined! Wink!

Here are the plates I made today, including the quotes "Thug Life", "Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.", and "Bitch, please!". Hehehe. I love these!

What you'll need:
- thrift store china
- paint pens (acrylic or oil based - see below)

I picked up these plates at a local one-off thrift store for $.25 a piece. Then used paint to bring out their true personalities. I recommend using oil-based paint pens, even though they smell a bit more. The paint will stay on. You can use acrylic-based paint, but you'll have to seal it with a clear coat.

Of course, DO NOT EAT OFF THESE or wash them after painting. This sassiness is for display only! You can pick up plate hangers at your local craft store (little wire hangers with springs).

The plates in the first picture are located in my booth at Curiosities Vintage Mall in Beaverton, OR, in case you fancy a gander at them in person. The rest are in the online shop. :)

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