December 03, 2015

Goodbye, Etsy.

Such high hopes. I always had such high hopes every time I tried posting things on Etsy. But alas, every venture would end in disappointment.

First I thought "maybe it's the posts", so I revamped and there they sat. Then I thought "maybe I need to pay for their advertising (boosting my posts in searches)", so I paid and there they sat. Finally I thought "maybe it's my product, maybe no one likes my art", so I tried selling it in a local flea market...and guess what! It sold and continues to sell when it's in front of people.

Decision time. I'm tired of being awash in the Etsy crowd. I love Etsy, but my stuff gets lost there and all I get for my money is a lot of favorites, but no buyers. So, I have opened my own online shop connected to this blog (hey, look!) where you can purchase directly from me. Or you can get more at my physical booth in Curiosities Vintage Mall in Beaverton, OR. That's it. No where else!

Not only will I sell original art in my online shop, but also crafts featured on the blog, vintage decor, and restyled vintage furniture (for local pick up only). Look for more and more each week to be added. Enjoy!

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