December 27, 2015

DIY Leather Wallet Branding

Hello! Been a few days longer than usual. Got all caught up in Christmas cheer!

I'm back today with a quick DIY project, showing you how to update any old leather wallet. I run across these a lot at estate sales and thrift stores. You can pick them up for a dollar or two and then completely revamp them with a little creative spirit.

What you'll need:
- a wood burner (easily found at any craft store, mine was $14 before coupon at Micheal's)
- leather wallet (must be leather! You don't want to start a polyurethane anything on fire!)
- sharpie

1) Map out what you want to brand onto your leather product with sharpie. While you're doing this let your wood-burner warm up.

2) Open a window or go outside to us the wood-burner. Trace your design with the hot end. Do this quickly at first until you get the hang of how long to let the burner set against the leather to get your desired effect.

Mine happened to have a monogramed letter already on it, so I got creative to cover it up.

You're done! You could even monogram your own bags. Okay, practice on something cheap before attempting that! If you want to see when I tried it, head here.

PS: Exciting updates about my vintage booth at Curiosities in the New Year!

December 15, 2015

DIY Vintage Ornament Christmas Wreath

So, my bestie and fellow chick-picker and I got an amazing deal on boxes of these little vintage ornaments on twisty wire. I decided to make a Christmas wreath from them, along with selling them individually in my booth at Curiosities Vintage Mall. Here's how I did it.

What you'll need:
- ornaments that come on wire, new or vintage
- one embroidery hoop
- ribbon
- scissors

It's pretty straight forward, really. Just start twisting the ornaments around the embroidery hoop and around each other to secure them. Fill the hoop, squishing them tight as you go. Then wind the ribbon around the ornaments on the hoop for a final securing. Tie the beginning and end of the ribbon to the hoop, leaving a loop of ribbon for hanging.

Tah dah! Ready for your door!

For more Christmas crafting, check out these DIY classics: Lit Flower Christmas Lights, Felt Poinsettia Hair Clip, and Reindeer Face Paint.

December 06, 2015

DIY Sassy Vintage Plates

Hey there, Pointers! I posted on Projectville's Facebook page and Instagram that I had "updated" some vintage plates with super sassy/ironic quotes and a few people asked what I used, so here are a few more I've made and a quick tutorial. They are also available for purchase in the shop, if you are so inclined! Wink!

Here are the plates I made today, including the quotes "Thug Life", "Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.", and "Bitch, please!". Hehehe. I love these!

What you'll need:
- thrift store china
- paint pens (acrylic or oil based - see below)

I picked up these plates at a local one-off thrift store for $.25 a piece. Then used paint to bring out their true personalities. I recommend using oil-based paint pens, even though they smell a bit more. The paint will stay on. You can use acrylic-based paint, but you'll have to seal it with a clear coat.

Of course, DO NOT EAT OFF THESE or wash them after painting. This sassiness is for display only! You can pick up plate hangers at your local craft store (little wire hangers with springs).

The plates in the first picture are located in my booth at Curiosities Vintage Mall in Beaverton, OR, in case you fancy a gander at them in person. The rest are in the online shop. :)

December 03, 2015

Goodbye, Etsy.

Such high hopes. I always had such high hopes every time I tried posting things on Etsy. But alas, every venture would end in disappointment.

First I thought "maybe it's the posts", so I revamped and there they sat. Then I thought "maybe I need to pay for their advertising (boosting my posts in searches)", so I paid and there they sat. Finally I thought "maybe it's my product, maybe no one likes my art", so I tried selling it in a local flea market...and guess what! It sold and continues to sell when it's in front of people.

Decision time. I'm tired of being awash in the Etsy crowd. I love Etsy, but my stuff gets lost there and all I get for my money is a lot of favorites, but no buyers. So, I have opened my own online shop connected to this blog (hey, look!) where you can purchase directly from me. Or you can get more at my physical booth in Curiosities Vintage Mall in Beaverton, OR. That's it. No where else!

Not only will I sell original art in my online shop, but also crafts featured on the blog, vintage decor, and restyled vintage furniture (for local pick up only). Look for more and more each week to be added. Enjoy!