January 11, 2016

DIY Entry Table Update

Hey! So I found this little mid-century diamond in the ruff at an estate sale. The doors were wobbly and the finish was chipping so I decided to give it a face lift before I put it in my booth.

Here is what I used:
- screw driver
- fill putty (kind that can be used on wood)
- sandpaper
- two paint brushes
- primer
- paint

1) I took the doors and magnet closure off.

2) I filled in the hinge holes with the putty and let it dry before sanding it smooth.

3) I sanded the whole piece to rough it up for paint.

4) I primed it.

5) I painted it.

You can choose to seal pieces like this if you like, but this was a flat paint effect I used and the sealants (even the matte sealants!) change the effect. It was so tough with the primer and paint on I decided against it.

Tah dah! All ready for the booth!

Oh! Speaking of my booth, I have exciting news. I will be moving into my BIG BOOTH on January 16th at Curiosities Vintage Mall. Not only that, I will be moving into the booth right next to my bestie's booth. Amazing! Pictures to come this week!

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