March 14, 2016

Before and After: Two-Toned Vintage Dresser

Look at this before and after! What a transformation! I found this diamond in the rough in one of my favorite thrift shops and got it for a steal as it needed A LOT of TLC. With truly vintage (almost antique) pieces I like to try to salvage the wood finish when possible, but this was not savable - at least with my skill level. So, what did I do?

Tools I used:

- scraper
- half soapie water/half white vinegar mixture
- sandpaper
- wall filler/patcher
- spatula/filler scraper
- paint
- brushes

1) I scraped, scraped, SCRAPED after letting the stickers soak with the soap/vinegar mix sprayed on them. Whoever did this to this dresser...grrrrrr. WHY?!

2) Once they FINALLY came off, I sanded the whole piece down with fine sandpaper.

3) This dresser was also attacked by a cat, so where the light sanding didn't even out the scratches I had to use my trusty filler. This stuff is perfectly fine to use on furniture you plan on painting. Just sand it down flat after it dries.

4) Time to paint! I pulled the drawers out, painting the dresser grey and the drawers a very light greyish cream. Once this was done and dry I added the pops. Cream on the little side buttons and rolled detail at the bottom, and grey on the decorative plaque on the front drawer. I thought it looked better with this detail in the middle of the dresser with some special art. 


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